Alcolin Bitumen Silvercoat

Waterproofing Silver Coating - 25L Silver


Bitumen Waterproofer is one of highly flexible bitumen emulsion which is used in conjunction with Waterprofoing membrane to create a highly effective waterproofing system.



Alcolin Bitumen Silvercoat paint is a reflective bitumen paint that is used to protect bitumen membranes and systems against UV degradation. Alcolin Bitumen Silvercoat contains aluminium pigments which reflect UV and thereby enhance the durability of the bituminous waterproofing system.


Product Usage


    • Ideal as a final layer of the bitumen-based waterproofing membranes and systems in order to provide UV resistance and durability
    • Also suitable as a general purpose reflective aluminium coloured paint for concrete and metallic surfaces e.g. galvanized iron roofing and steel fences
    • Adheres to concrete, masonry, cementitious screeds and renders, galvanized steel, metal, wood, clay or cement bricks, weathered bitumen and existing bituminous waterproofing

Additional information



Product Type

Waterproof Coatings

Pack Size

25L, 5L