Roofing Contractors Gauteng
Roofing Contractors Gauteng - we provide guaranteed new roofing installations from wall plate up. Supply and fit of new roof trusses, wide range of roofing products, concrete tiles, natural slate, everite slate, sheeting, flashing and fascia boards installation.
Roofing Repairs Johannesburg
We conduct roof assessments for all types of roof installations, we carry out roof repairs to natural slate roofs, everite slate, concrete tile roofing, clay roof tiles, sheeting roof and finish of all by renewing your distorted fascia boards and roof gutters.
Regular Maintenance Contractors
Every homeowner needs a regular roof maintenance contractor. We provide maintenance option to our customers to regularly clean gutters, fix loose fascias boards, fix moved tiles, loose screws, clean dirty valleys and re-cement cracked ridge tiles.

Welcome, we’re the leading roofing contractors Gauteng, providing new roofing installations, roof repairs Johannesburg and maintenance covering residential, commercial and industrial owners.

As one of the SA’s Roofing Contractors Gauteng in the Public, Commercial and Industrial sector, we provide complex range of specialist solutions for all your roofing needs.

Our nationwide team of experts each specialize in innovative roofing systems and services backed up by a comprehensive technical team. We are able to provide guaranteed roofing solutions to ensure that all roofing needs are met, and to suit the client’s requirements.

As a reputable roofing repairs Johannesburg contractor and waterproofing specialist, we offer you 100% guarantee that you will remain watertight with workmanship guarantee cover for up to 5 years.

It is our company policy to achieve standards of the highest quality and endeavour to guarantee the best, most cost effective solution for each individual project

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Roofing Contractors Gauteng
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Since our inception in 1986 as a reputable and one of the few experienced roofing contractors in Gauteng, we have been in business simply due to our exceptional roofing experience and extra ordinary customer service.

We don’t apply any one size fits all formula, we believe that each and every one of our clients is unique and different, so is each an every one of any roofing project we take on.

There are many factors that makes us different from other roofing contractors in Gauteng. One of this factors being the love that our clients have for us, means that there is something that we do right, hence we keep on growing and expanding nationwide.

We provide free written estimates, and we stand behind our word. We secure the success of our work by providing long-term, outstanding warranties with 100% leak free guarantee.

choosing the right
Roofing Contractors Gauteng
roofing repairs Johannesburg

Make sure that the roofing contractors Gauteng Company you choose is local. This means that they are not just operating as a new roof and roofing repairs Johannesburg contractor locally now, but have an established business and reputation in the community.


With many years preferred roofing contractors Gauteng, we have heard from many of our clients that we have helped that they chose to install their roof closed, moved or vanished. This is one of the reasons a roofing repairs Johannesburg contractor would be preferable than hiring a company outside of your province.

Never choose your roofing contractors Gauteng based on price. Cheap bids drive down the market and anyone with overhead and proper insurance has to establish pricing to cover such costs.


Roofing repairs Johannesburg contractors that do work on the side or are just working out of a pick-up truck can always do the work cheaper.


But in a long run, you get what you pay for. Customers that are sold on price when choosing roofing repairs Johannesburg contractor as their sole criteria ultimately end up spending even more money to fix problems and issues.


Many of these problems would have been covered under a workmanship guarantee by a reputable established roofing contractors Gauteng.

It is vital that when hiring roofing contractors Gauteng, you request detailed job description on work to be done, we suggest you don’t pay a deposit to that specific roofing repairs Johannesburg contractors until they have provided these in writing.

Make sure that you are satisfied with the descriptions and that the terms of payment were discussed with the chosen roofing contractors Gauteng, prior to the job and adhered to by both parties.

Of course, you want to hire roofing contractors Gauteng with good reputation. You need to take the initiative to find out how this roofing repairs Johannesburg conducts business.


The best way to reveal the true colors of roofing repairs Johannesburg contractors is to find out what others have to say regarding the company.

– Are they upfront with their cost estimates?
– Does the roofing contractor listen and pay attention to your concerns?

Dig into referrals, reviews, and testimonials to discover whether people are complaining or recommending that roofing contractors Gauteng in question.


Also, do they guarantee quality workmanship? If not, then you should probably not choose them.

From wall plate up

Roofing Repairs Johannesburg
new roofing

Roof Trusses Gauteng – We design, manufacture and fit trussed rafters and floor joists for all types of houses. A rapid and bespoke service is supplied to major house builders and to small building firms. We also supply roof trusses to builder’s merchants in the Guateng region.

We make roof trusses for new houses, for extensions and for refurbishments.

From initial enquiry to final on-site check we provide a service that is fast, efficient and reliable.

Slate Roofing Specialists – There are a variety of options within slate roofing and sometimes the difference between these options can seem confusing. From cost and durability to how many tiles will be required and how easy they are to install.

Similar to clay tiles, natural slate roofing offers a truly unique and authentic look that cannot be replicated by manufacturers. For period projects, or homes that need to reflect the natural environment around them, natural slate roofing is usually the preferred choice of roofing. Its lifespan goes beyond both clay and concrete by some distance and has even been known to outlast the structure of the very buildings they have been placed upon.

In terms of performance, natural slate roofing does not deteriorate over time, which is reflected in how long it will protect the roof structure of your home.

Another great benefit of natural slate roofing is its low maintenance, which means very little ongoing effort will be needed to keep them in good working order for a very long time.

Clay roof tiles still remains as popular as ever, adding a beautiful finishing touch on roof for any home, whether commercial or residential.  Clay tiles have been used for roof covering for many years, with early remnants of their use found as far back as 3000 BC.

Clay roof tiles are continued to be used today because they are quite remarkable and aside from the strong protection they provide, one of the primary reasons they remain so popular is because of their aesthetic appeal.

Clay tiles are the preferred choice of roof covering. They also add a naturalistic appeal to historic and more traditional properties in South Africa.

The terracotta colour is most commonly associated with clay tiles, although they also come in other shades including white, brown and orange.

In terms of design and shape, clay roof tiles offers great flexibility and manufacturers are able to supply clay tiles to meet almost any requirement.

From low to high pitch roofs they can incorporate a range of different styles to emulate other variants of tile to match existing materials and designs.

Nutec Roof Slates are the ideal roofing tile or cladding material to use on any project where character, class and individuality are of prime importance. The precise detail of the application and consistent appearance ensure an excellent finish of any home or commercial properties.

Roof Sheets are straight forward to use and known for offering durable roof covering that’s also economical, roofing sheets are available in a selection of materials and sizes. We provide bitumen roofing sheets, plastic roofing sheets, metal roofing sheets, insulated options for buildings where temperature is a consideration and plenty more.


If you’re not sure which roofing sheets are going to be best for your home, our experienced team are available to help. With rapid delivery and low price as standard, we aim to offer an exceptional roofing sheets supply service suitable for both amateur roof projects and professional roofers.

Fascias are boards that run horizontally at the bottom of the eaves of the house. They cover the gap at the end of the last rafter so that water cannot get inside.

Every home with clay tiles or slate roofing tiles need fascia boards, traditionally they were made from wood and painted white or other colours.

For installation, fascia board is fixed to the roof trusses which supports the last row of roof tiles. The guttering is then attached to the fascia board.

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Customer’s reviews

Testimonial by Johann Muller -
This contractors were very efficient in carrying out the waterproofing work on my property. They cleared the guttering, both front and back, re-point the flashing of the lead bay roof and repainted the roof with Acrypol.
Johann Muller -
Houghton Estate
Testimonial by Luzaan Phillips -
Couldn't be happier with their work and couldn’t ask for more. Very professional and friendly service. I've already recommended them to my work collogues and have received received the same outstanding service. Worth every penny!
Luzaan Phillips -
Kimberly, Residential
Testimonial by David Sekano -
I'm very delighted with the waterproofing application quality and workmanship that RAB Collective team provided for my extension. I definitely recommend them as one of the few good contractors around that I've ever hired.
David Sekano -
Residential, Pretoria East
Testimonial by Jeff Van Niekerk -
We had our roof redone previously with different waterproofing contractors and 6 months we had leaks. We called RAB Collective and within 3 days we had been quoted and our roof had been fixed to a high standard. Couldn't recommend more!
Jeff Van Niekerk -
Residential, Vanderbijlpark
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