composite decking
Composite Decking
Composite Decking & Wooding decking creates an attractive, unique and comfortable home and office feature that can be added to any level, sloping, pool or a new added loft, indoors or outdoors.
A structural wooden pergola offers a great alternative that is unique to installing traditional steel structures. Pergolas can be structured using various types of wood erected to any design and shape.
Pergolas do not only enhance the aesthetical look of your home, but also contributes to the practical part of quality of life or lifestyle by creating shade, privacy and beauty to your homestead.

with more than a decade of experience
we are recommended decking installers Johannesburg.

Since our inception in 2004 as decking installers Johannesburg, specializing in wooden decking, composite decking, pergolas, balustrade, cladding and composite fencing.

We have grown through our clients satisfaction to becoming a recommended leading wooden decking Pretoria installers and supplier for residential and commercial projects in the South Africa.

we are one of the largest wooden decking Pretoria suppliers and decking installers Johannesburg using premium grade timbers from the South Africa.

When choosing your decking product we can provide free educated advice to assist all areas of your project. This can often save you time and money whilst keeping the expectations of the client where they should be.

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Composite Decking
& Timber Decking

Whether considering a large elevated wooden decking or composite deck, decks provides intimate space for relaxing, hardwood decking timber provides a functional and practical solution, with a lifetime cost that is often less than many high maintenance softwood options.

Composite Decking

Decking installers Johannesburg – composite decking boards is ideal for the sustainability-conscious and those searching for a durable composite decking product. With 95% recycled wood fibres and plastic in the decking, composite decking boards are a great choice for those who don’t have time to focus on its upkeep.

Timber Decking

Wooden decking Pretoria – wooden decking is a creative and unique improvement that adds beauty and value to your home. It offers a way to expand your living area into the outdoors. A deck is best described as a wooden platform, capable of supporting weight, typically constructed outdoors and often but not necessarily, connected to a building

pool decking
pool decking
pool decking
pool decking

Pool Decking

For refreshing summer fun, nothing beats a backyard swimming pool.

While the water is the main focus, it’s the decking around it that determines how well the pool fits into the landscape and how safe it is for swimmers. Here is why you need swimming pool decking:

  • Swimming pool decking bring spaces together.
  • Swimming pool decking neaten things up.
  • Pool deck adds attraction to your pool area.
  • Adds safety to walk areas.
Wooden balustrades
Wooden balustrades
Wooden balustrades
Wooden balustrades


Balustrades are value additions to any kind of architecture. Be it a modern style office space or a traditional residential construction, the right type and use of balustrades enhance the architecture.

Here are some advantages of using wooden balustrades:

  • Improved aesthetic value
  • Highly customizable
  • Wooden balustrades have long life span
  • Moderate cost
  • Wooden balustrades are light weight
wooden decking pergola
wooden decking pergola
wooden decking pergola
wooden decking pergola


Pergolas are a wonderful accent structure to add to a garden, patio or uncovered deck. They are extremely versatile and the perfect way to set apart a seating or entertainment area from the rest of the yard.

Additionally, pergolas tend to be fairly simple to construct, as the average design is rectangular, roofless and consists mostly of beams and pillars.

Here are some various types of popular pergolas:

  • Pressure treated Wood
  • Western red cedar and redwood
  • Tropical hardwood
  • Modified wood
composite fencing
composite fencing
composite fencing
composite fencing

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is made out of few different materials bonded together , generally, wood fibers plus recycled plastics from milk jugs, grocery bags, and other post consumer waste products.

Because composite materials contain visible wood fibers, they resemble wood more closely than does vinyl.

Composite fencing durable in cold weather than vinyl because of its wood fibers. Vinyl fencing may crack and become brittle if it receives a blow, and is also more likely to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Customer’s reviews

Testimonial by Bryan White -
Work done at our home was completed to a very high standard of craftsmanship. The team was very friendly, and we were particularly impressed by their close attention to detail. The decking installers obviously takes a lot of pride in their work and this is reflected in the quality of the finished job. Highly Recommended!
Bryan White -
Woodmead, Residential
Testimonial by Angie Mogale -
Extra ordinary job indeed. My wife and I were every delighted with the result. The team was able to just get on with the work and was very considerate and diplomatic with both myself and adjoining neighbors. They were pleasant to have around. trustworthy and reliable. Workmanship second to none.
Angie Mogale -
Fourways, Residential
Testimonial by Dan Carvalo -
The work from start to finish was carried out with the up most tidiness and care. Each stage of our pool decking was discussed with us to ensure my wife and I were completely happy with it. We will certainly recommend RAB Collective team to any potential customer with this type of work.
Dan Carvalo -
Edanvale, Residential
Testimonial by Andre P -
Excellent as likewise, RAB Collective team has done a number of decking projects for many of our clients. This contractor is reliable, friendly and listens to our ideas and are able to carry out any brief given. Detailed or vague, couldn't recommend enough,Recommended!
Andre P -
Lizbum Construction
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